Rebecca Faro, Poet, Dancer & Performer

18th of April 2013

Let the curve of tenderness

curl around my broken heart

so as not to live

within these granite walls

Let the winds of change

peel me back to myself

and the nakedness of being

dwell inside this pounding fist

Forgive me for not forgiving

and holding onto jagged edges

Bend me like a reed

and let the waters have their will

for not to forgive brittles my bones

as torn up lives can’t breathe

shadows hang their forbidden stains

spitting poison into words

For what is it to forgive?

but to let the sweetness of the heart song

melt into the wound.

07 July 2013

Ocean inside

waves rocking

feeling the ancient

kicking up surfaces

open mouth drinking

into the unknown

wild wind crying

shelling me from inside

I have waited

wailing into the night

have howled

from the craters of my being

have searched empty pockets

whispered into seashells

expecting you to be there

casting a comfort cloud

as memories fall to stone

under moonscape nights

& beliefs finally fade

as I wait in winters long house

for frost on weathered fingers

to melt me back home.

28th April 2013

If we were to walk on frozen air

If we were warm and the dust settled

we could write our news

that holds us close

We could fold in

like animals in love

one breathing one being

our eyes shutting out despair

and feeling the sharp sense

of looming light

arrest our breath

one breathing one being

catching the fall.


15th May 2015

I awake

lightly touching this place

dreams like tangled yarn

spinning out of focus

A new bed

inside a new room

memories of where I’ve been

murmured lightly under breath

& all the ‘could have beens

nudging inside my crowded head

wanting centre stage

in this morning play

But I’m not here to orchestrate

I’m lingering between the worlds

with the taste of my dream

breathing me back inside

in a delicious moment of opening

becoming the space that holds all creation

dancing inside a dream web.