Dancing Inside Out

In the web of our existence dances our dream

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Dancing Inside Out

Dancing Inside Out was founded in 1998 by myself Rebecca Faro (movement facilitator) & Fiona Primarola ( art therapist).

Together we created a movement based creative arts fusion, offering courses that can be experienced & enjoyed by everyone.

I now run Dancing Inside Out on my own, sometimes combining forces with other facilitators.

Dancing Inside Out invites you to get in touch with & explore your inner movement. Expressing it outwardly helps heighten your self-awareness, allowing for new insights to be shown & experienced. Creating & developing a deepening practice in body wisdom.

Dancing Inside Out is an ever-evolving venture. It offers courses of varying lengths for groups & individuals in Spain & the U.K.

Forget the steps & follow your body!

No previous experience in dance or the creative arts is necessary.

Movement Maps

Movement gives us a map of ourselves, a map of self-discovery. Our bodies talk to us, & if we listen we can make new pathways of discovery, uncovering inner treasures that can lead us into a deeper & more profound understanding of ourselves & others.


Stepping into one of Rebecca’s workshops is like stepping into an enchanted wood at gloaming, the promise of alchemy infuses in the very air.

Laura Pickerill

The will to move came from the music and your blending of each next stage – it was all a beautiful energising experience

Gill Skelton

Yet again a step outside of the routine of daily life to allow greater space for my creativity to come out to play.  The collaging and the living sculpture dance were highlights for me.    I highly recommend it.

Arlene Lyne


Your class connects body, mind & spirit beautifully’

Satish Kumar

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