Seeds of Inspiration

Seeds of Inspiration

The Dance Studio, Leeds

Sunday 9th of June 2019

What is wanting to be danced into existence?

How can you awaken & follow your inspiration?

We’ll inquire into the stories that may be holding you back.

Explore inner landscapes you want to nurture & develop.

In this days workshop we’ll be the seeker through a rich blend of authentic movement, embodiment & expressive art processes.

Price £65

Early-bird if booked before 19th May £55

 Bring a friend only £50 each

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Dream Scape

Bringing unlived aspects of yourself into being


What are your dreams and wildest imaginings? Do you dream? Whose dreams are they, your own or maybe ones you inherited? Dare you dream for something you really want or have you discarded it or simply lost the inspiration?

Delve into the treasure chest of symbol and movement where anything and everything is possible through an exploration of the dreams you have for your life. Encounter your innate creativity and vision, using a rich blend of methods including movement, dance, writing, role work, and image making. A fun, creative and adventurous journey to unlock and reveal important insight into our deepest longings and desires and to “breathe into being” un-lived aspects of ourselves and our lives.

‘In the web of our existence dances our dream like the stirring of the wind breathing our bring.’ (Rebecca Faro)

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