“I’m not a dancer. In fact, I’ve been fearful of dancing my entire life. But Rebecca has this wonderful ability to put a person at immediate ease. I’ve found her workshops in movement to be powerful, liberating and lots of fun. I’ve come away from both the workshops I’ve done with her feeling more connected to myself and with a deeper belief in what’s possible, for me. Thank you Rebecca for your energy, talent and love.” Leah Cox

The Holding Heart Moving Love workshop was wonderful and I recommend it to anyone. I haven’t really attended anything like this before but found it liberating, fun and had a unique and engaging mix of experiences. I came away feeling great and would happily return for more of this! Chetna, London

My memory of the workshop was an effortless day of blending in movement to music to insight to a freedom from all physical holding back
I was apprehensive at the beginning as to whether I would cope with a day of physical effort – but it was never an issue !!
The will to move came from the music and your blending of each next stage – it was all a beautiful energising experience Gill Skelton

A leap into the mystical world of wonder, creativity and bliss.. gently guided by Rebecca’s reassuring presence and uplifting music.

Elana Salamon

I would just like to say, to anyone who is interested… Rebecca Heloise Faro is an amazing guide– this is not just movement in the body, it is movement in the soul. Rebecca has so much grounded experience that every time I step into “dance” space with her, I get to step more deeply into myself, I feel more connected to myself, to others, to something wonderful in all. I cannot recommend more highly her 6-week courses as a beautiful opportunity to move more Joyfully, more Meaningfully into your own life Kirsten Rose

I loved Rebecca’s workshop for many reasons apart from the music and dance.  Rebecca creates a safe environment to explore yourself in the dance and to come to express yourself in movement with this expanded self awareness.  A truly wonderful experience that I look forward to again. Beata

I participated in Rebecca’s 6 week course, and had a fantastic ‘breakthrough’ on the third week, after that I was a little fragile for a while, but then moved into greater knowing and self empowerment.  As this breakthrough was to do with the transformation of emotions through movement I would not have been able to work through it in my ordinary life.  Thanks a million Rebecca for enabling me to do it.

Lesley Anderson

Just to thank you again for such a full and fulfilling day of dance and connection. Woke with a feeling of freedom in my body which has been missing for some time. Testament to your great skill and holding that people all went as deep as we all did. Body, heart and soul were all at play. Charlie Moritz

“Rebecca’s dance sessions used dance and movement to explore our inner lives in a safe, confidential, and adventurous way. She led the participants with sensitivity and calm, giving permission for whatever arose to be included in one’s own journey of exploration. The themes she chose were both deeply personal and also universal, such issues as sense of self, direction in life, and connectedness to others. The physical involvement lent a totally different dimension to the experience compared to other ways of exploring these subjects, as I learnt to trust and respect what the body and imagination had to tell me. She often used blindfolds to enhance our experience, and I found that moving with my eyes blindfolded allowed me to enter deeply within myself. We were also given opportunities to share verbally and in writing, and even sometimes to draw. We were skilfully and gently guided from one exercise to another,  and the different activities enabled the group members to trust each other and to feel closer. I  always left the sessions having had fun, and  with a feeling of knowing myself and others a little better.”  Jonquil Bennett

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