July 1-8 @Cortijo Romero Spain

Where are you in the theatre of your life? Are you standing in the wings or on the main stage?
What scene are you in?
In this experiential week we’ll have some fun finding out! Through a rich blend of improvisation games, role play, embodiment, dance, drama, voice and creative writing we’ll open the doors to the theatre of our life.
We’ll try out new things, sometimes stepping outside of ourselves to open up our imagination. In an encouraging and enthusiastic environment we’ll create opportunities to discover, express and share our unique talents.
As we build our community and confidence together, through light heartedness & spontaneity you can free up energy, learn about yourself and others in an entertaining, creative and relaxed way.
This is an easy going week, no experience in improvisation, dance or writing needed, just an openness to come and explore!


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