Movement Maps

Movement Maps are individual sessions in person or on zoom. These are movement journeys  guiding you through an embodied experience of your inner landscapes. 

Movement gives us a map into ourselves, a map of self-discovery. Our bodies talk to us & if we listen we can make new pathways of discovery, uncovering inner treasures that can lead us into a deeper, more profound understanding of ourselves & others.

In these sessions you will:

* Connect with your deeper self, excavating & exploring the issues that are needing and wanting attention & healing.

* Be encouraged to embody those aspects, move them, express them, become them, allowing your own body wisdom to transpire, leading to poignant personal insights.

* Write in a ‘stream of consciousness’ about your experience, letting the flow from your inner world touch your outer world.

* Bring more understanding, freedom, connection energy & vibrancy into your life.

* You’ll be gently and expertly guided to drop into your authentic, essential self.

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 I danced just once in Spain and I was so moved…now I dance every day ?? you changed my life forever in one hour ?? Juliette Lucketti

I have always felt awkward dancing but I did a taster session with Rebecca in Spain which was great fun and felt very safe. Dancing in the Movement Maps my body expressed the most profound feelings with absolute clarity. It was exhilarating and very precious to be so fully with myself ” Maggie


There is such a beautiful and comfortable rhythm to each session that makes room for talking, moving, reflecting, and sharing for clarity and integration. I leave every session feeling inspired, grateful and clear about one more step on my journey with one more signpost on my map. Talk therapy has value, and for me, the process of movement maps has taken me from head to heart to full embodiment in a more profound way than I ever imagined possible.  Kirsten Rose

No previous experience in dance or the creative arts necessary.


Create your own movement map, moving in the direction of your choice. Clear the way to explore & express a more fluid & authentic reflection of who you truly are in this world.
Unlock the abundance within & you’ll see it reflected all around like a million shooting stars!

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